100% Pass Through

What does 100% Pass Through mean? It's definitely not something you hear every day. However, this promise we make defines our organization and mission. It's not about us. Bottom line: we value your generosity and passion and we have a heart for kids. That's why when you give $1,000 to a specific home or missionary, exactly $1,000 makes it there. This means we even cover all credit cards fees and wire transfers to ensure they receive every penny. However, if you would like to donate online, our average costs for credit card processing fees is 3%. If you are willing and able, would you consider partnering with us to cover a portion of the cost by adding an additional 3% to your gift? We do not ask that you reduce your current gift to the missionary or ministry partner; we do not want to take away from what they are already receiving.

Keeping our Lights On Fund

Our 100% pass through model is completely dependent on donors and sponsors who help us cover all our operating expenses. We believe our work here in Tennessee is vital to helping children at risk in the majority world, so we ask all donors to prayerfully consider supporting our office needs as well. When you give to our Keeping our Lights On Fund, you help us continue passing through all designated gifts to the homes. Basically, we let you decide what our administrative fee should be! Because of your added generosity, we are able to pay everything from salaries, to office rent, to utilities without taking a percentage of your gift to the children.

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